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Bela Talbot :: Supernatural (1)Name: Bela Talbot

Actresses: Lauren Cohan, Tiera Skovbye (Young Bela in 3.15)

Dates: 1983/1984 - 2008 (killed by a hellhound)

Location: Queens, New York

Occupations: Thief, Con artist

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  • 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock
  • 3.06 Red Sky at Morning
  • 3.07 Fresh Blood
  • 3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • 3.12 Jus in Bello
  • 3.15 Time Is on My Side


Bela Talbot (real name Abby) acquires supernatural objects for rich clients, and also runs scams selling fake charms and running seances. According to Bobby, Bela knows her way around the hunting world, but occupies it in a different way to typical hunters. Bela has some skills in contacting the dead and uses them as an information source. In 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock she tells Dean she used a Ouija board to find John's lock-up, and in 3.07 Fresh Blood, a spirit tells her where Gordon is. She had her parents killed in exchange for her soul as part of a 10-year deal she made with a crossroads demon when she was 14 due to what is implied to be abuse by her father. This was the reason the ghost ship allowed her to see it and why she was hunted by the sailor's ghost.



3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Bela tries to obtain and sell a rabbit's foot (the highest bid seems to be $1.5 million). She finds out that it is in a curse box in a storage container of John's by communicating with the foot's victims via a Ouija board, and pays thieves to retrieve it for her. She swipes the rabbit's foot from Sam's pocket at Biggerson's Restaurant while she poses as their waitress (Kary) and pretends to flirt with him. Ultimately, falling victim to the curse herself, she's forced to help Sam and Dean destroy it.

3.06 Red Sky at Morning

Bela reveals more of her character by telling Sam & Dean about how she seemingly scams rich customers (such as Gertrude Case) by holding seances for them & selling them supernatural charms.

At first she seems to be working the same job as Sam & Dean (ghost ship), but it turns out to be an elaborate manipulation - with their involuntary help, she steals the Hand of Glory, which she sells to a client.

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When Bela herself sees the ghost ship, she turns to Sam and Dean for help. It is revealed that this particular ship - the Espírito Santo only appears to those who have spilled the blood of a family member, but Bela refuses to share this part of her history.

By summoning the brother of the vengeful spirit, the spirit is put to rest and Bela escapes death. She gives Sam and Dean $10,000 for helping her.

3.07 Fresh Blood

Gordon has escaped from prison, and tracks down Bela after he finds out she had been working with the Winchesters. Although he threatens to shoot her, she only reveals their whereabouts when Gordon gives her a priceless mojo bag.

When Dean later deduces that Bela led Gordon to them, he calls her and threatens to kill her. In an attempt to avert this, Bela contacts a spirit, who reveals Gordon's whereabouts. She passes this information onto Dean.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

When Bobby lapses into a coma Sam and Dean find the culprit is Jeremy Frost, a patient of the doctor who was unable to dream until the doctor gave him African Dream Root.

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Sam and Dean decide to take some of the herb themselves in order to enter Bobby's dream, and contact Bela to see if she can obtain some. She at first refuses, but then arrives at the boys' hotel room, just after Sam has had a rather sexy dream about her. Bela says she wants to help Bobby because he saved her life in Flagstaff, although this is later revealed by Bobby to be a lie. She remains to help during the case, but disappears suddenly - having stolen the Colt.

3.12 Jus in Bello

Sam and Dean are pursuing Bela in an attempt to retrieve the stolen Colt. However, Bela sets them off with an anonymous tip to the FBI, and they are apprehended by Victor Henriksen in Monument, Colorado, where they had followed a trail to her abandoned hotel room.

Bela Talbot :: Supernatural (2)3.15 Time Is on My Side

Dean receives a phone call from Bobby, who in turn got a phone call from an old hunter friend by the name of Rufus Turner. Rufus claims to know about Bela's whereabouts, so after a fight with Sam about whether or not it's such a good idea to hunt for Bela now Dean goes to Vermont to meet him. Rufus presents him with a manila folder on Bela's past. Dean learns that Bela killed her parents when she was 14 years old (the flashbacks strongly suggest that her father sexually abused her). They died in a car accident. When Dean finds Bela in the Canaan hotel, she shows no regrets about her parents' deaths. Bela claims to have sold the Colt to a buyer already. Dean is close to killing her, when he spots a devil's shoestring propped on the door pane above her.

Later, Bela drives to Erie, Pennsylvania. When she arrives in the boys' motel room, she shoots at the occupied beds, only to discover that the boys weren't in them, but left two inflatable sex dolls instead. She receives a phone call from Dean, who reveals that he knows that, she didn't kill her parents herself, but made a deal with a devil who then killed them and that today is the anniversary of that deal, thus her soul is due. Bela reveals that her only way of getting out of that deal would have been killing Sam. She also tells Dean, that Lilith holds all the contracts. When Dean hangs up, the digital clock on the night stand strikes midnight, and Bela hears the howling of the hellhounds approaching rapidly. Her death is extremely probable, but not seen onscreen.

5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

Fangirl Becky tells Sam that in the Supernatural book written by Chuck which tells the events of 3.15 Time Is on My Side, Bela gave the Colt not to Lilith but to her right hand demon, and possibly lover, Crowley.

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  • In the 16th century, there was a notorious English occult charlatan calledEdward Talbot a.k.a. Edward Kelley, who in his younger years was pilloried for forgery or counterfeiting, and who later claimed to be a spirit medium and an alchemist (on a continuous quest to make gold). Swindling, occult activities aimed at riches, and consulting spirits, are also traits of Bela. But whether her last name is based on this historical character remains a speculation.
  • In the Old Testament, Bela is a city close to the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but unlike these it was not destroyed (Genesis 14:2, 19:22).
  • While her first name is a reference toDraculaactor Bela Lugosi, her surname Talbot is a reference to Lawrence Talbot, the protagonist ofThe Wolf Man.
  • She was 24 in3.15 Time Is on My Side, making her about four years younger thanDeanand the same age asSam.
  • Casting Side for Bela from June, 2007. This scene between Bela and Dean was used to cast the role of Bela. The scene features a plot line that did not occur early in Bela's role in the show, and so it is likely this scene is either from a script that was substantially re-written or the scene was written specifically for casting.
  • Bela frequently uses a stainless steel Walther PPK/s pistol chambered in the .380 ACP caliber, which is a slightly larger version of the Walther PPK, widely recognized as James Bond's choice weapon. This is a fitting small pistol for a someone who is a career thief and needs a light and compact weapon. Despite this, Bela has also been spotted wielding a Desert Eagle pistol chambered in .357 Magnum in episode3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock, when she holds up Dean and Sam demanding theRabbit's Footback.


  • Bela's Cat
  • Bela's Car


  • We're All Going to Hell–LiveJournalcommunity for Bela
  • Dean/Bela– A LiveJournal community for Dean/Bela pairing
  • Due to the fact that Bela's death was not seen, fans started an online petition in hopes of bringing Lauren Cohan back on the show as Bela Talbot. For more information, visit the Supernatural Wiki entryBring Back Bela.
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What was Bella's deal in Supernatural? ›

Earlier in the episode it is revealed that ten years ago, Bela made a deal with a demon to sell her soul in exchange for the demon killing her parents. Although she tells Dean that her parents were great people--perhaps not wanting pity from him--the deal was made because her dad was molesting her.

Does Dean sleep with Bela? ›

Bela responds by offering to have angry sex with him once the case is solved. They never do, however. Dean hinted at some attraction as he was pleased by her reaction to him in a suit.

Why did Sam dream about Bela? ›

Eric Kripke revealed that Dean and Sam's dreams were supposed to contrast each other. Sam dreaming of having sex with Bela was to show that below his soft exterior, Sam was basically "a horndog". Dean's dream, on the other hand, was to show Dean's soft desire of wanting to live a normal life with Lisa Braeden.

Why did Bela leave Supernatural? ›

Bela didn't remain off-screen and dead because of a lack of interest in Lauren Cohan returning to Supernatural. The actress was simply too busy with The Walking Dead to have time to reprise her role on Supernatural when there was an opening.

Why was Bella's blood so special? ›

Edward had a theory that Bella's overwhelmingly appealing blood may be derived from a mixture of her parents'—Renée's being far too sweet and Charlie's being moderate—together, giving her blood a more powerful appeal. The blood of singers is described by Edward as being said vampire's "own personal brand of heroin".

How did Lydia get pregnant in Supernatural? ›

Lydia is an Amazon who hooked up with Dean Winchester at a bar and the two made love in bed. She was impregnated by the older Winchester and in just a few hours, she was pregnant with her unborn child.

Who does Dean really love? ›

On multiple occasions, Dean has shown that - of all the women he has slept with - he truly loves Lisa. Before and during the first few episodes of, season 6, Dean lives with the Braedens for a full year, living an "Apple Pie" life. Dean's nickname for Lisa is "Lis'".

Who is Dean Winchester's wife? ›

Supernatural Season 13 has added a new cast member whose surname will be abundantly familiar to fans. Danneel Ackles, an actress who, of course, is the wife of Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles, is set to play a recurring character.

Who does Dean love the most? ›

Dean Winchester & Lisa Braeden

Undoubtedly, the most significant romantic relationship Dean has in Supernatural (other than Destiel, for those who believe in and ship it) is his time with Lisa Braeden. Together they had an apple pie life, looked after a child, had a home, and had a decent life together.

What did Bela sell her soul for? ›

Almost ten years prior, when she was 14, she had her parents killed in exchange for her soul as part of a ten-year deal made with a Crossroads Demon; though Dean believes that she killed them to inherit their fortune and Bela supports this story, the audience is shown a flashback that suggests that she had actually ...

Why did Lilith want Sam? ›

It was mentioned that Lilith and Sam were competitors for the leadership of the demon army, so Lilith needed Sam dead. This was season 3. She had another reason to kill him during season 4, which was as compensation for her own death during the Apocalypse.

Why didn t Dean shoot Bela? ›

Bela was confronted by Dean in her hotel room. He prepared to kill her but stopped when he saw that she was protecting her room with devil's shoestring—an herb that guarded against hellhounds — and realized that she had made a deal and was already doomed.

Who kills Bella in Supernatural? ›

She was killed off by hellhounds at the end of the episode "Time is On My Side", but she gave Dean information on Lilith after she realized it was too late for him to help her. After being killed by a hellhound, her soul was sent to Hell, and she is presumably being tortured until she becomes a demon.

What is the saddest season of Supernatural? ›

"Dark Side of the Moon" (05.16)

Anyway, head to season 5 to see multiple heartbreaking Supernatural episodes. The first came with "Dark Side of the Moon." In this episode, the show ups the ante a bit when Sam and Dean both die. With both dead, the brothers can't really do anything to bring the other back.

Why did Ruby get replaced on Supernatural? ›

— Kripke on the decision to keep Cortese. Kripke cited budgetary reasons for Cassidy's departure after the third season. According to Cassidy, however, Warner Bros.'s uncertainty about what direction to take Ruby in prompted her to leave when the opportunity to star in the series Harper's Island arose.

Why does Bella help Bobby in Supernatural? ›

Bela says she wants to help Bobby because he saved her life in Flagstaff, although this is later revealed by Bobby to be a lie. She remains to help during the case, but disappears suddenly – having stolen the Colt.

What was Bella's gift as a vampire? ›

Bella has the ability to shield her mind (from mind reading, attacks, etc.), which she had as a human. Once she is transformed into a vampire, her ability is enhanced to the point she can also expand her shield to protect others from mind control. Kristen Stewart plays Bella in the Twilight film series.

Why did Bela help Bobby? ›

The Winchesters contacted Bela for dream root, which would allow them to enter comatose Bobby's dreams and wake him up. While she initially refused to help them, she later showed up and gave them the dream root, claiming that she wanted to repay Bobby for saving her life.


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